“Left Side, Strong Side”


There have been many lifetime experiences I have gotten to check off my New Zealand bucket list while I have been here. I definitely came with a go-get-em’ attitude in order to try as many new things as I possibly could.


When I arrived to New Zealand at 5am in the morning and jumped on a bus to get my very first day started in Auckland, I thought it was the strangest feeling to ride in a bus on the left side of the road. Yea, I was just riding along and it was still a mind-boggling experience. Although I would test out just about any other experience, I decided there was no way I was going to drive. It was too strange. I was sure it would not be safe for me or, more importantly, other drivers and pedestrians.


However, after months of living here and going on countless road trips, I began to get used to the driver driving on the left side. It actually seemed really normal. Did I actually used to drive on the right? Now that seems weird. I was ready to take the wheel!


I finally had my chance. I took a trip through the rainforests of New Zealand on the west coast. I drove in the city. I drove in the pouring down rain through the pitch black night. I drove during the pouring down rain during the day (which caused the windows in the car to fog up so bad that I really could not see out of any of them). I drove over countless one lane bridges, making sure to give way when I was supposed to (because why build two lane bridges?). I drove through the mountains. I drove on the extremely windy roads throughout New Zealand and it felt a bit like I was living a video game. And I did it all without hitting anyone or anything.