The Power of a Postcard


The post is something that is used more infrequently each day as there are more technological advancements. Most times the only thing one receives in the mail are advertisements for you to go and spend money or bills for you to go and pay money. It is quicker, cheaper, and more convenient to send information through email or some other social network. However, the note just does not feel the same or as meaningful when you are reading it through the screen of a computer.

I remember running to the mailbox on my birthday in the past, anxiously awaiting birthday cards from my family (because that was basically the only time I got mail). So now, when the surprise postcard or letter arrives, not even on my birthday, it is a huge gift. It is like receiving little Christmas gifts throughout the year. I know the person who sent it actually spent the time to think about what they are writing and I get to see their unique handwriting. The letter means that much more to me. It is an instant way to put a smile on my face because it is a true surprise.

The frequent postcards I have been getting from my grandparents and the special letter I find in my mail box every now and then from my sister have been a joy to read and have made my study abroad experience even better. It is a wonderful reminder that I have people who love me and gives me a reason to want to go back home.