I am Addicted


I’m addicted to sleeping out in the cold, laying on the soft grass inside of tent, and figuring out the best way to bundle up to stay warm

I’m addicted to seeing great mountain peaks off in the distance and then climbing them

I’m addicted to smelling the fresh air blowing off the ocean

I’m addicted to Tim-Tams

I’m addicted to heaving a pack onto my back and carrying everything I need inside to survive

I’m addicted to waking up early just to see the sunrise

I’m addicted to taking walks with friends along the harbor

I’m addicted to eating crackers, venison salami, edam cheese, and apple slice sandwiches on top of a ridge

I’m addicted to star-tripping

I’m addicted to traveling

I’m addicted to being forced away from the Internet, Facebook, and phones – allowing myself to truly enjoy the company of those around me

I’m addicted to New Zealand



Who has the best Grandma ever? Easy answer. Me.



When I found out my Grandma was going to travel all the way from Illinois to visit me in New Zealand, you could say I was ecstatic. Not many Grandmas would make that journey. I don’t know of any others. But mine? She isn’t like other Grandmas.


Not only did she travel all the way here, but she agreed to go on multiple hikes with me. I decided to take her to the west coast to see the rainforests, glaciers, mountains, lakes, and all around beautiful landscapes. Unfortunately, the weather decided it wanted to rain – for two entire days without stopping. Hiking is what you do in New Zealand, so even if it rains, you just have to kind of ignore that fact and hike anyway. My Grandma stuck with this attitude and hiked through the pouring down rain with me. Her “waterproof” jacket and pants turned out to not be waterproof after being drenched in that amount of water, so she was soaked. But did she complain? Nope. Because she is one amazing Grandma. However, she did want to make sure to let everyone know she about drowned in the rain. “I’ve never seen that much rain before!” To hopefully make everything better I had her try a Tim-Tam. Yep, that seemed to do the trick. Plus, it is sure to be an experience she does not forget!Image